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Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0i PTU.1338818 Patch Notes

i will quickly add the actual patch notes from yesterday 7:15 pm


Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0i PTU.1338818 Patch Notes
Alpha Patch 3.5.0i has been released to PTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: PTU-1338818.

Testing Focus
• IFCS: Heat Rework, Atmospheric flight, Arena Commander
• Balance: Manual gimbals, auto-convergence, cannons vs repeaters vs scatterguns, ship roles
• Locations: ArcCorp, Area18, Lyria, Wala
• Star Marine: All game modes
• Female Character
• DNA face customization system
• 300i

Major Known Issues:
• Some aspect ratios do not work well with the ship HUD.
• Some audio is lost after using ASOP terminal.
• QT stops outside the point where orbital travel is possible.

Feature Updates
• Players should no longer be able to choose the same head in DNA face customization
• Added carousel highlighting for selection in the DNA face customizer.
• Updated Universe splash screen.
• Added the ability to disable fixed assist “snap aim pip to target”.
• Keybind updates
Engine, shield, and weapon power toggling on “I’, “O”, and “P”.
Power adjustments for engines, shields, and weapons on “F5 – F8”.
Shield directional power adjustment on “numpad 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9”.
Increase/decrease overall power on “F9” and “F10”.
Look Ahead on “Left Alt + R”.
HOMAS mode on “Right Shift”.
Targeting for cycle backwards is now just “Left Alt” plus corresponding targeting key.
Exit seat is now “Y”.
Moved cycle friendly to “5”.
• Updated keybind images.

• Tram announcements added for Area18.
• Further lighting and visual bug fixes for Area18.
• Changed the pathing and acceleration of the Area18 sky bus.
• Deferred collision added to No-Fly Zones.
• Various audio polish around Area18.
• Various animation updates to Pacheco.
• Reduced civilian foot traffic in and around Lorville.
• Setup shop interactions for Center Mass.
• Updated G-Loc bar menu.

• Locker modules can now properly handle multiple deliveries.
• Adjusted mission location selections for Mercenary/Eviction missions.
• Changed the rewards and opposing ships for the mission giver bounty missions.

Ships and Vehicles
• Flight tuning pass on Scythe, Glaive, and Khartu to make them more enjoyable and bring them into line with other ships in their role.
• Tuning pass on Vanguard to bring its rotation more in line with other ships in its role.
• Updated turret HUDs and MFD controls for t he Gladiator, Constellation series, and Hurricane.
• Adjusted overly bright boost effect on the Buccaneer.
• Updated the flight tuning of the 300i.
• Updated Reclaimer tuning slightly to allow it to take off in atmosphere.
• Updated ballistics to allow a small amount of damage even at 100%.
• Updated gatling velocity significantly.
• Added Banu Tachyon “Singe” Cannons sizes 1 to 3.

Bug Fixes
• Players can now re-enter habs in Area18 after leaving.
• Players should no longer be able to get stuck inside Area18 hangar props.
• Lorville Transit signs corrected for wrong stations.
• Mercenary/Eviction missions should now correctly count number of enemies killed when multiple are killed in a short time-frame.
• Dry-firing Arclight pistol should no longer animate exhaust flaps.
• Interdiction EM scenarios should correctly spawn when a player is interdicted.
• The Reliant pilot should now have strafe animations.
• Fixed multiple female armor textures that were incorrect.
• Turrets at underground facilities should no longer respawn too quickly.
• The neck sock should no longer vanish with certain armor types.
• There should no longer be a video/audio desync if one player experiences lag using p2p comm calls.
• There should no longer be replaceme textures on snoopy caps in the PMA.
• Fixed inconsistent scanning targeting around planetary bodies.
• Exiting an engineering station should no longer cause odd animation issues.
• Fixes for female pilot seat animations in the Constellation series.
• Fixes for female pilot seat animations in the Reliant series.
• Players should no longer be able to quantum travel through a moon or planet.
• Players should no longer be able to bypass trade travel using the ASOP “relocate” function.
• The distortion MFD/HUD effect should now play properly on the effected ship.
• The reload animation should no longer play when dry firing the P8-SC.
• Flight ready on vehicles should enable interior lights.
• Scanning and mining mode should no longer be able to be toggled into when the ship power is off.
• Mining geodes should now have proper associated VFX.
• The magazine for the railgun should now be rotated correctly.
• Cycling shield power should no longer let them start recharging instantly.
• The downed relay mission should now start properly.
• Derelicts should now properly spawn salvageable commodities.
• Traffic around ArcCorp should no longer randomly stop moving.
• The female character should now be able to vault.
• The platforms at Lorville should now have collision.
• Gamepad and HOTAS should now be able to bind an axis to mining throttle.
• Scanning should no longer trigger when attempting to look at the scoreboard in Arena Commander.
• AI ships should no longer appear to jitter and freeze.