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Star Citizen Drug Wiki

Since it became a frequent question on our teamspeak, we’ve collected some details regarding the new and old illegal drugs in star citizen

Thick ink-black synthetic opioid that is injected as a liquid. Extensive use stains the veins black, creating web-like subcutaneous patterns through the body. Illegal inside the UEE.

Created by chemically processing the pollen of Revenant Tree (altrucia lacus), common effects of ingesting or smoking altruciatoxin include relaxing of the muscles, sensory enhancement, and lethargy. Heavy usage can cause staining of the tongue.

Club drug. Slight hallucinogenic, affects the nervous system.

A fear-inhibitor and painkiller. Most commonly ingested as a gas. Vials of SLAM are cracked and inhaled. Users get the “shakes” as side effect (not withdrawal).

“Street name for a tranquilizer and knock-out hallucinogen, believed to be Xi’An in origin. Looks like flakes of bark. It’s lethal in heavy concentrations (many who try injecting it die immediately); it’s meant to be ingested. The digestion process distills it to where it just messes you up. Dosing up is like taking a massive journey into your own mind. To the outside world, you’re nearly comatose, but to you, it’s a wild trip. A handful of religions have been started after a user took a dip in the maze. Aside from the toxic element, there’s a chance you won’t come down from the high. They call this ‘getting disconnected.’ Users stay locked in their own head until their brain decays.”