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Code of conduct – English Version

Code of Conduct

1. Our organisation stands for a plural/multicultural and diverse society. We do not tolerate discrimination of minorities or degrading behaviour against gender, sexual orientation, religion or heritage. Everyone is welcome among us as long as the code of conduct and the members of the Organisation are respected. Members who breach the etiquette will be warned or even banned, depending on the gravity of the Issue.

2. To promote and guarantee a friendly atmosphere, the members shall keep conducting themselves accordingly to the above mentioned code. The Organisation feels that we seek to actively communicate among all peers and acknowledge the presence of others in the Game. All members also adhere to common sensical standards while debating or discussing in the Group. Abusive language, insults, slander and degrading comments as well as trolling and flaming will not be tolerated.

3. Since the Levski Collective is a cooperation which is not aimed at the profit of a few or even an individual, all members have to focus on lending aid to any of their peers. Voluntary aid is encouraged. If aid is rendered an appropriate compensation is to be warranted. Every member can forgo any compensation/reward that is offered toward the Organisation or the common good. If a member only owns a small vehicle (e.g Aurora, Mustang etc…) the compensation becomes mandantory except if said person explicitly forgoes any compensation by the collective.

4. Every Member has to agree to the terms and regulations stated in the Levski Collective Charter.

5. Members with a rank of Crewmen are excempted from profit sharing if this is not agreed upon differently
6. Members with a rank of Lieutenant Commander and higher are bound to accept their allegiance to the Levski Collective as binding, and see them as their main organisation. Said members are also asked to register on the RSI organisation page.
a.) Every Member has the right to pose as affiliate in another Organisation
b.) Members ranking Lieutenant Commander and higher are obligated to adhere to the Levski Collective charter above all others.

2. Rules of Engagement

1. The Levski Collective is a group of Freelancers. We avoid attacking peaceful ships and players and encourage all members to conduct themselves as stipulated. In particular violence against traders and freighters is not being tolerated.

2. Entities listed on our Blacklist are considered fair game and you are allowed to attack them with impunity and without warning. Also carrying cargo does not exempt them from being a target.
People get recorded on the Blacklist for following infractions:
a.) Destroying and attacking ships of Members, in particular when they were carrying cargo. Destroying empty and landed ships/vehicles on the Ground or on Landing Pads.
b.) People exploiting bugs and loopholes due to the unfinished (current) state of the game and its engine to wield an advantage over other players.
3. If an infraction is encountered we record and try to validate if the attacker is responsible to ensure fair treatment of all involved parties. If members are found breaching the charter and the herein set Rules of Engagement and/or misconducting themselves they can be added to the Blacklist.

3. Standards of Communication

1. The Levski Collective thrives on cooperation. We have various avenues to communicate with members: Following platforms are in use:
Our Website
Team Speak Server:
There is a chat open on the RSI spectrum page
We also connect through Whatsapp.
We want to encourage you to use those to find all the info you need as Pilot and Member of the Levski Collective.

2. The Charta is binding for all channels of communication.
Since the still lacking ingame chat option of Star Citizen, all of our communication go through the above listed channels. Please use one of them to file reports or ask questions or just to say hello to your fellow members.