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How to get to Jumptown (PU 3.4.3)

Since many people still do not know how to get to Jump Town, the Drug facility on Yela – we’ve decided to create this little guide:

update for patch 3.5:
Jumptown is still there and can still be seen from Orbital-Marker-2 of Yela.
The markers moved just a bit so the typical “JT-mountain” appears a little bit more on the left side of OM-2.
We will upload an up-to-date video shortly!

There are many ways to get there, in this example we use the “orbital marker method”.
First: Fly to Yela OM-2
And align to OM-6. Zoom in, go one centimetre to the left. Afterwards look down to the horizon.

Now you’ll see two mountains.
Thats it, the right one is Jumptown.
Head directly to it, that’s all!

To make it more easy we’ve made a small video for you:


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